“I have been treated by Jennie ‘on and off’ for a period of approx. 18 years to date! With reflexology and acupuncture as well as more recently cosmetic facial acupuncture due to scaring. Being a diabetic, often one finds that therapists may not be keen to treat you. However, with Jennie’s experience, knowledge and expertise – as well as very importantly working in conjunction with my medical treatment/regimes it has never been a problem. With issues ranging from neuropathy, CKD, Diabetes and more recently Gastro paresis (to name a few!!) and a facial scar post-accident, Jennie has every time been able to help resolve any issue health wise that I have come up against. In taking a holistic approach and really looking at each aspect individually and combined, it gives me great peace of mind knowing that not only the symptom is being treated but also the underlying possible cause. As and when needed, I have great confidence in knowing that thankfully there is somebody who knows ‘me’ rather than just being ‘another patient/number’ and somebody who is caring, understanding and professional in their approach. I cannot recommend Jennie and her practice highly enough.” SB

“I’m not sure if acupuncture can work this quickly but my energy levels shot back up a few hours after my treatment. I ended up rearranging my whole bedroom and chucking out a whole host of stuff. Something I’ve been wanting to do for ages, but haven’t had the energy. The house is now immaculate and for the first time in ages I am looking forward to waking up in the morning! Thank you so much for today Jennie. You really are a star xxx” Ruth 2015

“I went to Jennie with anxiety and panic attacks, which brought on their own physical symptoms, and also for increased PMT symptoms probably due to the onset of the perimenopause. The results have been fantastic. I have two treatments with Jennie and after the first treatment, the panic attacks stopped. I have felt so much more calm and centred within myself since the treatment. Jennie has helped me to feel amazingly comfortable within my body again and the PMT symptoms have decreased significantly. The acupuncture has also been highly significant in helping me come to terms with unresolved grief.” Anonymous

“I came to Jennie following a recommendation several years ago. Being middle-aged, peri-menopausal, overwhelmed both physically & emotionally by life and work events. I attribute my emergence to Jennie’s skill, care & friendship (with the support of my very tolerant husband)!! Currently my monthly maintenance appt: provides my essential sanctuary & is a major factor in enabling me to balance & enjoy my life. Thank you Jennie.” Yvonne 2010

“I started having regular Acupuncture sessions with Jennie at the WOLC to support me while undergoing IVF treatment. As someone who was only vaguely aware of ‘alternative therapies’ I found Jennie’s understanding nature, her knowledge & advise extremely helpful. Having her there to listen to my woes & guide me through a very difficult time in my life was nothing but supportive. Jennie also recommended the Yoga classes at the WOLC & I am happy to say from trying the first class I knew it was right for me & I still attend regular classes & benefit greatly.” Thank you Jennie Tina

“Consulting Jennie was the best thing I did prior to my big day. I was supported emotionally & physically & helped to feel less bloated & regain my ideal weight. My skin was also much improved & I felt wonderful. thanks so much Jennie” Sally 2008

“Hi Jennie, Here are my comments mum asked me to send you regarding Acupuncture and Reflexology. “I received both acupuncture and reflexology pre exams & pre wedding for tension and anxiety. It really helped me to focus on my tasks and to control my nerves and worries. I felt relaxed from my first session and I would highly recommend it.”

“I had acupuncture and facial acupuncture prior to my daughter getting married. I was really worried about the day and following my treatment I felt like I could cope with the stresses of the day and that I was in control and could enjoy every moment. The facial acupuncture was really beneficial. Thank you Jennie.” Kerry

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