Jennie uses Reflexology when she feels her clients will benefit from its unique support to the body.  Babies, toddlers, children, adolescents adults, male or female, pregnancy, assisted fertility support, the aged , infirm or terminally ill, Jennie feels all can benefit from the power of Reflexology massage to the feet and hands.

Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing therapy  and can help relieve the symptoms of stress, pain, anxiety. By encouraging a sense of vitality of health and well-being more specific health issues can be helped.

Reflexology is performed by massaging areas on the soles of the feet or hands to rebalance the flow of energy. This specific massage works on reflected areas in the body and can have a powerful effect on our mental and physical state.

Jennie may suggest a treatment of Reflexology rather than Acupuncture and visa versa depending on what she feels is happening in the body on the day of your appointment. But you will always have the final choice.

“Time spent with Jennie at the Wheel of Life Centre has been one of my best investments. A totally new experience for me, the therapy I have received has been both enjoyable and beneficial.  It helped me develop a better perspective of life in general and enriched my life both physically and emotionally.  Thank you Jennie for your advise, therapy and guidance in making the changes which are now encircling my life”Sharon

“I would highly recommend Jennie Sheringham as a therapist. Her common sense approach is matched by her professional attitude. I have had Acupuncture and Reflexology from Jennie and have also approached her for suggestions on various other aspects of healthcare which has always been helpful. She is always ready with support, ideas and a listening ear.”  Chris.


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