Acupuncture will help you gain and maintain the good health and well being you desire and deserve. By relieving the symptom’s and addressing the cause’s of pain, stress, grief, anxiety, addictions, backache, headache’s, hormonal imbalances etc that challenge our Immune system, re-balance and repair is possible.

As a woman myself with a background of Nursing & Midwifery I understand the difficulties many of us face from our teens to our Menopause. I aim to help improve Women’s Health and assist with Fertility Issues and pregnancy support, Hormonal imbalance, PMS, Menopausal problem’s and alternative’s to HRT, Weight control /Eating Disorder’s, Acne and Skincare.

Acupuncture & Moxibustion

These are safe & effective, non-toxic forms of treatment for many conditions & all ages. By stimulating our own healing mechanisms, the overall therapeutic effect is one of their great strengths.

With fine needles and warmth from the herb Moxa the energy balance is re-established. As congestion releases, balanced, free-flowing energy, Qi, is restored throughout the body, blood and lymph circulation flows more smoothly encouraging improvement in our health and well being.

Moxa can be used in many ways, its properties are to warm, nurture, relax & encourage free-flowing Qi and it can be used on certain points instead of needles for a more gentle stimulation.


“I have felt so much more calm and centred within myself since the treatment. Jennie has helped me to feel amazingly comfortable within my body again and the PMT symptoms have decreased significantly. The acupuncture has also been highly significant in helping me come to terms with unresolved grief.” Annoymous 2012

“I recently started to go through the menopause and then developed sciatica. After one acupuncture treatment with Jennie the improvement in my pain levels, mobility and energy levels was extraordinary and effective literally overnight. After my second treatment, I had my first ‘hot flush’ free night’s sleep for months. I had the best night’s sleep I had had in my life: it felt good to be alive (and believe me I NEVER feel like that in the morning) and I was one hundred percent refreshed.

I know that acupuncture and Jennie’s guidance and advice will continue to make a huge difference to my life, I wholeheartedly recommend Jennie’s treatments and consultations to anyone with any complaint.’ My husband is so impressed with the results he has decided to make himself an appointment for his frozen shoulder & other things. Thank you Jennie” Louise

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