Cosmetic Facials

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

For both men & women – a true non surgical face-lift. An alternative to facial injections and fillers. Feel revitalized, more relaxed and experience younger looking skin. Cosmetic facial acupuncture uses fine needles, moxa and massage to increase blood and Qi to the face and neck. This promotes a natural, healthy look and is possibly the answer to anti-ageing you have been looking for.

Revolving around a Holistic approach to beauty & wellbeing, Jennie has taken it a little further & now offers an alternative ‘Facelift’ treatment and Pamper session.

What is Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture?

Stimulating the facial muscles & encouraging a healthy flow of blood & Qi to the face cosmetic facial acupuncture promotes healing through skin rejuvenation & by stimulating collagen production therefore encouraging the process of anti-ageing. Blood circulation is improved by unblocking stagnated energy in the channels and this helps the body to remove toxins and leave skin looking glowing, healthy & radiant. You will also feel more awake and eyes brighter and nicely relaxed.

Focusing on key acupuncture points & using the Organic skin care products from Neals Yard Remedies Jennie will offer you acupuncture needles in other parts of your body or a mini reflexology treatment while the facial needles are working to encourage a good energy flow around the body & ensure maximum overall benefits.

After assessing if any other treatment is required Jennie will cleanse & prepare your face for the insertion of very fine needles in specific points on the face, you may feel a sensation but should not be in pain (remember this is a pamper session !!) after 20 mins the needles are removed, facial rollers & facial moxibustion follows and the treatment comes to an end with a wonderful facial massage using the very special Organic products from Neals Yard.

Neals Yard Remedies Organic Skin & Body Care

Jennie is an Independent Consultant with NYROrganic, what we put on our skin externally is as important as what we take internally. Jennie believes that skin care and maintenance requires Organic, Paraben & SLS free products and believes that NYR offers this. For more information, to view & purchase all the products see

Worcester News


Following a first treatment a Worcester News reporter printed the following statement:- “As well as a completely indulgent and relaxing experience I left feeling fully energized & ready to face the rest of the day. My skin felt wonderfully smooth, my cheeks felt plumped up & there was a definite reduction in the fine lines and wrinkles, particularly the creases between my eyebrows. Although a course of treatments is recommended I was surprised with just how effective one session proved to be”

“After my treatment I felt very alive and refreshed. Over the following days my skin felt firmer and the fine lines around my eyes were less” T.D.

“I felt so relaxed but also very awake and invigorated, a fantastic feeling. I felt wonderful after every treatment and throughout the week” Ann

Wedding Preparation

Be ready for that special day. You plan everything else in advance so why not your weight, skin care, stress & general wellbeing? For you & your groom, your bridesmaid’s and the special Mum’s of the day.

Plan a few pamper sessions to ensure the day (before & after too) is the best it possibly can be.

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